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Faculty of Economics & Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics and Business is dedicated to training students to effectively navigate the challenges of the post-COVID business world. With BSBI’s core values - Enterprise, Leadership and Success – in mind, the faculty strives towards transforming students into the business leaders of tomorrow, equipped with the technical skillset they need for a global career.

In partnership with University for the Creative Arts (UCA), International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, and Concordia University Chicago, BSBI’s faculty offers a range of industry-relevant programmes in fields of economics, tourism, hospitality, health management, digital marketing, and international business management.

By applying the latest methods, techniques and concepts of business to global issues, students gain the future-oriented approach needed to evolve within an ever-changing business environment.


Equip students with the technical toolkit to respond to the challenges of today’s ever-changing business world.

Use hands-on teaching methods such as case studies and guest speakers to ensure students gain a practical understanding of how the concepts learned in class can be applied to real business.

Provide an industry-relevant programme portfolio tailored to the business leaders of tomorrow. Students will graduate with the capabilities to grow, manage and lead a business to success.

Programmes Offered


The BA (Hons) Tourism and Hospitality Management course develops your critical thinking, analytical, communication, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills, all of which are necessary in the domain of tourism, hospitality, and food & management. You will learn how to apply business administration principles, including modelling, management and marketing theory and its related subfields and sectors.

When you take Bachelor’s in Economics and Business Administration, you will learn about fundamental business principles as well as compulsory topics for the global business environment such as economics, accounting, information systems, business law, human resources, and marketing.

Taking the three-year degree course where students from a variety of backgrounds and skills, a broad subject knowledge base that will introduce them to practical skills, research techniques and ways of thinking which have traditionally been out of reach.

The international business and management course is an innovative programme addressing the emerging trends and challenges for business and management to form new global business leaders.

The course has been designed to develop graduates capable of meeting the demands of today’s global industries. Students will be taught to implement effective techniques to respond to defined and uncertain business events and problems.

You will study a foundation year that will enable you to build your skills up to the level needed to progress onto the undergraduate study. During the second and third semesters, you’ll learn about key business topics including international business, business, management and the digital economy. In your third semester, you will select a specific pathway to help you specialise in your chosen field.

The rise of social media and digital marketing strategies have allowed many businesses to excel in building an online presence. Learn how to utilise these techniques to develop a brand and drive organic traffic to your company website with the BSc (Hons) Digital Marketing and Social Media, delivered in partnership with University for the Creative Arts (UCA).


The BSc in Psychology - Psychosocial Disciplines offers the opportunity to study fundamental issues in this discipline such as the study of intra-psychic structures and processes, the dynamics characterising human relations and the psycho-physiological mechanisms on which behaviour is based.

The purpose of our MA in Energy Management programme is to train students to work in the energy industry, participate in existing energy resource management processes and implement new highly efficient energy systems.

The MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management will help you thrive in the world’s fastest-growing industries, broadening your understanding of the sector and giving you the skills to work in a globalised business environment.

BSBI and Concordia University Chicago’s MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE) is designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities that can arise when embarking on a new business venture or leading a period of change within an organisation. The MAIE teaches individuals the necessary skills to thrive in a fast-paced, international environment.

This master’s degree is tailored to develop management and leadership competencies especially for the tourism, hospitality and event sectors. You will acquire the most relevant and up-to-date skills and know-how to increase your employability and boost your career, enabling you to move on to more senior positions in your field of choice.

With the MSc Finance & Investment programme, you will develop a range of advanced skills to help you manage challenges in the finance sector. You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the area and increase your confidence.

The MSc Digital Marketing been selected by BSBI among many prestigious international programmes offered by University for the Creative Arts.

Expand your current knowledge and explore the latest marketing trends, while forming your own ideas of an industry which has innovation at its core. Learn the sharp critical thinking and bold creativity needed to develop engaging campaigns, ensuring your products and services stand out against the competition.

This programme will help you excel in the fast growing healthcare sector, broadening your understanding of the health management domain and giving you the skills to work in an international setting.

The MSc in Psychology - Cognitive Processes and Technologies focuses on the acquisition of advanced theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of psychology by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the mind-brain system, of the man-machine interaction and of human interaction in new social environments.

With this programme you will learn to develop a solid understanding of essential management topics, including marketing, finance, operations, and leadership. You can choose from a range of electives and adapt your degree to fit your career path. Our pathways are ideal if you want to succeed as a project manager or HR manager or start your own business.

BSBI has partnered with Concordia University Chicago to provide an MBA designed and taught by business professionals and educators who are passionate about preparing ethical leaders for the global marketplace. Grow your confidence, develop your skills and build a successful business.


Our Global MBA master’s programme has been selected by BSBI among many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

This doctorate has been designed in order to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to managers and leaders in the business and industrial sector.

Academic Partners

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is in proud partnership with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). The university was the highest placed specialist creative university in the Complete University Guide and The Guardian’s 2020 League Table.

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is excited to be in academic partnership with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. Established in 2005, UNINETTUNO delivers bachelor's degrees, specialisation degrees, research doctorates and university master's degrees acknowledged throughout the world.

BSBI is proud to offer two of Concordia University Chicago’s most bespoke degree programmes, which are taught at our central Berlin campus. Concordia University Chicago has a history of academic excellence spanning more than 150 years. The programmes are delivered using face-to-face sessions ensuring students have extensive personal contact with professors and their peers.