BSBI Merchandise


Get exclusive BSBI Merchandise! Purchase branded items from pens and water bottles to hoodies and coffee mugs. Use them as gifts for family members and friends. 

Welcome to the BSBI Shop!

How to Purchase

  1. View available products at the BSBI’s Alte Post Berlin campus reception.
  2.  Once you have the Product Name, please go to Room MO1B to pay for the item/s. Please check the pricelist at the reception. 
  3. You will receive an email receipt. Share this with our receptionist to claim the product. 

Our Products

BSBI Hoodie

The hoodie is available in M, L and XL sizes

BSBI Umbrella

The BSBI branded umbrella comes with a wooden handle and is suitable for all weather conditions.

BSBI Power Bank

One of the most in-demand products among BSBI merchandises, the black power bank with white logo looks sleek, cool and very functional.

BSBI Water Bottle (Silver)

BSBI silver water bottle (700ml) with the brand new BSBI logo.

BSBI Water Bottle (Black)

BSBI black water bottle (700ml) is the brand new product with a cool design.

BSBI multi-pin cable

A new addition to the BSBI shop. This multi-pin cable is very helpful and easy to use. No need for multiple charging cables when you have one of these.


This is a classic BSBI pen with an excellent design and grip.

BSBI Notepad

BSBI notepad with a cool Berlin design and excellent paper quality.

BSBI Beanie

BSBI beanie is designed to keep you warm during extreme cold conditions.

BSBI Cloth bag

With this cloth bag from BSBI, you will feel like a real Berliner. Get one and enjoy walking around the city with confidence.

BSBI cap

Own this limited edition BSBI cap and proudly tell the world that you are a part of BSBI

BSBI Coffee mug

Get your hands on this cool BSBI coffee mug. This brand new item includes the logo of BSBI and the iconic “Alte Post” building.

BSBI Keyring

Get this limited edition authentic and patented solid BSBI engraved BESBI buddy bear keyring.

BSBI Lapel Pin