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Top Reasons to Study in Paris for International Students

Study in Germany ᛫ 9 June 2021

Paris, also known as the City of Lights, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, renowned for its culture and arts. Studying and living in France can be a life-enriching experience for students owing to the abundance of museums, theatres, architecture, the river Sienna and idyllic cafes.

Getting your master’s degree in Germany: What you need to know

Study in Germany ᛫ 26 May 2021

Between 2018-2019, around 3,500,000 students from around the world enrolled in higher education in Germany. Germany is famed for its high-quality and affordable education. German institutions are renowned in academic circles globally and students get the unique opportunity of working in a booming economy.

How can a global MBA degree help you achieve your career goals?

Career Advice ᛫ 12 May 2021

Read this blog to find out the benefits of pursuing a global MBA.

How can you make the most of your online study experience?

Student Corner ᛫ 27 April 2021

Read this blog to find out tips that can help you be productive during your online study sessions.

Is it worth pursuing a DBA degree in 2021?

Career Advice ᛫ 21 April 2021

Read ahead to take a look at some of the most significant advantages of getting a DBA degree for your business career.

5 Ways Tourism Will Change After the Pandemic

Career Advice ᛫ 19 April 2021

Read this blog to find out what does this mean for the future of the global tourism industry.

Interview with leadership expert Raul Castro

Student Corner ᛫ 7 April 2021

BSBI hosted renowned leadership and motivational speaker, Raúl Castro, during one of its online classes. Raúl Castro has more than 25 years of managerial experience in four countries and has worked in more than 20 nations.

5 Major Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry

Career Advice ᛫ 6 April 2021

The Healthcare sector plays a tremendous role in the overall welfare of society and the nation’s economic growth. A robust healthcare system is a reflection of how developed a country is and hence every hurdle in this sector needs to be addressed efficiently.

Importance of technology in business and management

Study in Germany ᛫ 23 March 2021

The modern world has greatly benefited from technological advancements. Large harvesters and crawlers in agriculture, intuitive robots used in delicate surgeries, and new-age mobile phones which act as our personal butlers are excellent examples.


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