International study experience: A multi-campus experience

Taking your education, global

Enjoy a multicultural education with BSBI’s new international experience programme.

Start your degree with one of our partner universities in either Paris, Barcelona or Athens and complete your studies at BSBI in Berlin.

It is as simple as that. You choose where you want to study and we'll do the rest, supporting you with your student application, VISA application, provide direction and assistance on accommodation, along with supporting your enrolment when you arrive in-country, in your chosen location. 

Paris, France

Paris has been estimated to have a population of 23% migrants, making it the most diverse city in Europe.

Students can immerse themselves in French culture, live among locals, and develop language skills.

Named the best student city in the world, Paris awaits! Explore, make friends, and indulge in delicious food in your new temporary home.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is known for its diversity, with around 33% of the population being migrants.

Barcelona is a top tourist destination with a rich history, art museums, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine, attracting visitors from around the globe.

Barcelona is a coastal metropolis on the Mediterranean, between the rivers Llobregat and Besòs, west of Sierra de Collserola. Enjoy the beach in summer, and snow in winter with stunning scenery.

Explore Barcelona, the city of culture!

Experience the exciting streets of Las Ramblas!

Climb the Eiffel Tower to see the Parisian skyline

Meet new people, make friends for life, from all over the world

Embrace new cultures whilst you study

Indulge and enjoy the French cuisine for yourself!

Have an iconic international experience

Choose from two exciting learning tracks

PPA Business School is part of the GES Network, and among our different schools and with more than 3200 students, PPA Business School appears to be the N°1 Management and Business School for Work-Study.

BSBI is in proud partnership with PPA Business School, a leading European business and management school in Paris. This acclaimed higher education provider is OPQF and ACBSP accredited and is a proud member of AACSB International. The school is also one of six members of within Le Réseau des Grandes Écoles Spécialisées (Réseau GES), a network of higher education institutions with over 5,500 students and 4,500 partner companies.

Learn more about our partnership with PPA Business School.

Programmes available to study in Paris, France

BA in Economics and Business Administration (UNINETTUNO)

The Bachelor’s programme in Economics and Business Administration has been selected by BSBI among the many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO. Students on this course will earn a European bachelor’s degree with 180 European University Credits (ECTS).

MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management (UCA)

The MA Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management will help you thrive in the world’s fastest-growing industries, broadening your understanding of the sector and giving you the skills to work in a globalised business environment.

MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CUC)

BSBI and Concordia University Chicago’s MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MAIE) is designed to help students understand the challenges and opportunities that can arise when embarking on a new business venture or leading a period of change within an organisation. The MAIE teaches individuals the necessary skills to thrive in a fast-paced, international environment.

Global MBA (UCA)

With this programme you will learn to develop a solid understanding of essential management topics, including marketing, finance, operations, and leadership. You can choose from a range of electives and adapt your degree to fit your career path. Our pathways are ideal if you want to succeed as a project manager or HR manager or start your own business.

CETT is a leading higher education school specialising in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy. It is an International school with a highly specialised team of professionals providing students with a solid model for knowledge creation and transfer, based on rigour, innovation and experience.

Over the last 50 years, CETT has become a hub that connects people and links academia with the business and public administration sectors.

CETT is committed to those who live the learning process as an impulse for growth and as an opportunity to reach their life goals through interaction with the environment and others!

Learn more about our partnership with CETT Business School.

Programmes available to study in Barcelona, Spain

MA in Finance and Investments (UNINETTUNO)

With the MA in Finance & Investment programme, you will develop a range of advanced skills to help you manage challenges in the finance sector. You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the area and increase your confidence.


Our Global MBA master’s programme has been selected by BSBI among many prestigious international programmes offered by Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO.

MA in Logistics (UNINETTUNO)

The aim of the MA in Logistics trains students possessing managerial skills to support project management in the different sectors in which they work. More specifically, the master’s programme envisages the training of professionals such as Logistics and Supply Chain Managers for companies and agencies working globally.

MA in Strategic Marketing (UNINETTUNO)

Expand your current knowledge and explore the latest marketing trends, while forming your own ideas of an industry which has innovation at its core. Learn the sharp critical thinking and bold creativity needed to develop engaging campaigns, ensuring your products and services stand out against the competition.


BSBI is in collaboration with Fintiba, a service that assists students with the preparation of their pre-study documents. 
As the first digital platform and solution provider for international students travelling to Germany, Fintiba ensures students have an easy way to transfer the correct amount to a blocked bank account and can apply for a statutory health insurance policy.

Who is Fintiba

Studying in Germany is a big dream for many people, but the path to it presents a number of challenges. As the first digital and worldwide leading solution provider, Fintiba accompanies and facilitates this project for people from outside Europe who want to study or work in Germany.So far, international students from over 190 different countries have already been able to make their dream come true with the support of Fintiba.

The central solution offered is the digital blocked account recognized by the Federal Foreign Office, which can be opened completely online in just a few steps and in the shortest possible time. 

In addition to the blocked account, Fintiba also offers students the necessary health insurance for visa and enrolment at the university. In addition, students who use Fintiba’s services benefit from numerous other free services such as a digital study guide or language courses designed to make it easier to plan and implement a course of study in Germany.

What Fintiba Offers ?

Frequently asked questions