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Message from Sagi Hartov


I am truly delighted that Berlin School of Business and Innovation has the opportunity to extend the reach of the institution and its resources. By providing the tools needed to promote long-term, positive change, we strive to transform local communities around the world and help them overcome their barriers to education.

At BSBI, we aim to support future business leaders who have the courage and determination to bring about real change within the global community. The life skills and learning experiences that empower our student body are built on a high standard of excellence and are therefore the quality tools we hope to pass on to younger generations within these communities too.

So many children from less privileged backgrounds are prevented from reaching their academic goals everyday as a result of financial difficulties. Simply by raising awareness surrounding these issues, we hope to engage with both current BSBI students and alumni and help build a proactive support network.

I hope that the leadership and entrepreneurial spirit of BSBI provides the right foundation to provide solutions to existing issues and challenges affecting local and international communities.

BSBI is proud of our students and graduates. May you continue to embody our values – Enterprise, Leadership and Success – and bring about positive impact to wherever you are in the world.


BSBI aims to empower its student and alumni network to plan and execute meaningful projects that will provide the foundation for disadvantaged communities’ future development.

We aim to decipher the root causes that prevent access to education within communities around the world and provide the resources to help overcome these hurdles. The initiatives implemented will follow a strategic, bottom-up approach, thereby ensuring they offer the best blueprint for future growth.

As an educational institution, BSBI works to enhance the learning experiences of its students by providing avenues for practical skills-building where projects can be implemented to bring about real and positive transformations.

True to its promise of innovation, BSBI encourages its students to create and develop business plans for non-profit causes that involve community-building activities and long-term change. 


Berlin School of Business and Innovation is committed to creating equal opportunities and providing support to advance causes affecting the youth and their access to education.

Back-to-School Africa Initiative

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is committed to creating equal opportunities and providing support to advance causes affecting the youth and their access to resources and education. 

Amadi Anklin, an MA in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management student at BSBI, recently launched the ‘Back to School Africa’ initiative. This was a result of the school’s recent Start-Up Business Competition. BSBI encourages this type of community involvement and supports Amadi by providing scholarships for local secondary schools via the Back to School Africa Charity.

Amadi Anklin, said: "It is an excellent initiative. BSBI is not only helping African students but also supporting and empowering their own students. They not only believe in academic capabilities but also in the dreams of their students."

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Ignite Africa Campaign

The Ignite Africa Campaign is focused on providing access to quality STEM education to 200 less privileged children in underserved communities in Lagos State, Nigeria. This involves the creation of a community-based STEM innovation center that would serve as a STEM skill acquisition hub for under-privileged children. Beneficiaries will gain valuable skills in coding, software development, web design, UI/UX design, Microsoft office suite and many more. Beneficiaries who are out of school will also be restored back to school and provided with all necessary school materials.

The Ignite Africa Campaign is the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty in the communities of impact because it arms the future generation with the right knowledge and skills that would give them the competitive advantage to access better opportunities in life, achieve their dreams, and liberate their communities. We are looking to build innovators who will be movers and shakers and has the potential to change the world.

Join us, let’s build communities we will be proud of.

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Berlin School of Business and Innovation supports the Back-to-School Africa Initiative by sponsoring 10 scholarships for the Abu-Hanifa Academy.

Students of Abu-Hanifa Academy

Students of Abu-Hanifa Academy

Abu-Hanifa Academy, Kano was established in the year 2003. It started its operations of the 5th of September 2003 with five (5) students. By the year 2005, the population of the students exceeded the 100 mark. The school is recognised by the Kano State Ministry of Education.

Abu Hanifa Academy ranks among the Top 20 schools in Northern Nigeria and is also one of the best 100 schools in Nigeria according to WAEC in 2013 and 2014.