BSBI TV serves as an open resource for the BSBI community. Learn more about academic and research efforts and industry-related discussions that are very much relevant today.

Video Lectures

Access the latest open source video lectures of BSBI. This library aims to foster continuous learning within the BSBI Community. Join our lecturers at BSBI as they share their insights together with industry leaders from various parts of the world.

Café Artistique

Café Artistique is a live streaming format where we invite professionals form the creative industry, to discuss and talk about design topics, trends, developments and opportunities. We are committed to make design processes more tangible, to give insight into the inner workings of marketing, branding and the everchanging field of digital media.
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Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is a place where anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. The Café provides a forum for debating science issues outside the traditional academic context. We are committed to promoting public engagement with science and to making science accountable – all spoken in plain English.
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Living and Studying Creative Arts in Hamburg

Discover the rich cultural heritage, dynamic academic environment, and exciting career prospects awaiting you in this captivating city. Join us for an engaging webinar on May 14, 2024, and unlock the endless possibilities of living and studying in Hamburg.
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