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Take advantage of exclusive networking and career opportunities by becoming a part of our growing alumni community!

Enjoy the benefits of staying connected to Berlin School of Business and Innovation and our graduates. Currently, around 80% are actively working in Germany, including several who are currently employed by impressive companies such as Microsoft, TikTok, Meta, Shell and Tesla.

With locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, and Barcelona, our alumni network spans across Europe, offering you a diverse range of connections and opportunities.

Welcome to the BSBI Alumni page. We are excited to have you on board!

A Thriving Global Community

At Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI), we foster a vibrant community of learners that extends far beyond the classroom. As of 30th January 2024, we are proud to connect 7,663 individuals from 2,373 alumni and 5,290 current students across an impressive 112 nationalities.

Our diverse student body brings a wealth of perspectives and experiences to BSBI, enriching the learning environment for everyone. The average age of our students is 28 years old, with 76% pursuing postgraduate studies and 24% enrolled in undergraduate programs.

Graduate Outcome Survey 2022

The employability of graduates remains a pivotal criterion upon which study candidates choose their higher education institution and it is one of the most important benchmarks against which HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) are assessed in university rankings and by external assessment bodies.

Between 12th August and 18th September 2022, Berlin  School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) conducted an employability survey of a cohort of 750 alumni who had graduated from the school in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 and up to that point.

An impressive selection of companies, ranging from SMEs, MMEs to large and well-established multinationals were named in the survey as current employers for the many BSBI graduates. 

Employment Sector
Graduates Average Salary of graduates (brutto)

Benefits and Services

Enjoy the benefits of staying connected to BSBI. As part of the network, you are entitled to a range of benefits and services studying with us.

New Graduates

Take advantage of exclusive networking and career opportunities by becoming a part of our growing alumni community on LinkedIn

This video highlights alumni's invaluable role in an institution's growth and success. It showcases the achievements of notable alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Demonstrating the impact of their education, it encourages current students to forge strong connections with their alma mater and engage with the alumni community. Overall, this serves as a compelling reminder of the enduring bond between an institution and its graduates, and the benefits of fostering a lifelong relationship with its alumni.

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Careers & Employability Partners

As part of our commitment to supporting the career development of our alumni and students, we work together with a range of reputable local, national, and global organisations. These career and employability partnerships allow us to provide job or placement opportunities to our graduates and students as well as host employer events that facilitate the learning process about different industry sectors and enable professional connections. We take pride in collaborating with these excellent organisations and are constantly seeking new ways of expanding our partnership network to enhance the career prospects of our alumni and students alike.

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