Refer a friend to BSBI

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Welcome to BSBI!

We have some great news. Did you know that we have a Refer-a-Friend Scheme at BSBI?

For every friend that you refer, you will both benefit if the referred student receives a successful admission to any of our programmes.


• You will be eligible for a €500 reward for every student you refer.

• Your friend will also be eligible for a €500 tuition fee reduction or e-voucher upon successful application.

Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible as a Referrer, you must have previously submitted an Application and a minimum of €500 deposit. You may enter a maximum of nine Referrals (per intake). BSBI Alumni are also eligible as referrers.
  • To apply for the Scheme, the Referred Student must complete the BSBI online application form and indicate the Student ID and Full Name of the Referrer. Referrals made in any other way will not be considered or accepted.
  • The Referral Reward for the Referrer and the Referred Student shall be awarded if, within 12 months of submitting a valid online application form, conditions are met.
  • For the Referred Student, only one offer will be applicable (discount or scholarship or refer-a-friend reward) whichever is higher.
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