Postgraduate Programmes

What we do for you
In order to be more effective and support our students, we have improved our learning resources by increasing our subscription levels (including access to academic journals) and by adding many more physical books in our libraries.

The master’s degree programmes at BSBI will enable you to gain specialist business knowledge in today’s most popular disciplines including entrepreneurship and business management.

These master’s degree programmes can help you learn real-life concepts that can be applied to different business problems and will train you to become a qualified professional who can succeed in any kind of business environment.

In addition, we have refined our overall lesson aids and VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) presence, whilst we have reinforced our Student Support Services Team with additional members so that they could deal with more students more comfortably, if needed. Moreover, we have introduced an additional team of tutors (beyond formal teaching) in the faculty in order to provide students with support. Additionally, the center offers specialist one-to-one session(s) to those learners who have formal referral from member of staff to address their specific needs.

Available postgraduate programmes at BSBI

MA Photography

Discover the Master of Arts (MA) programme in Photography at BSBI, which offers subject-specific expertise and interdisciplinary skills to enrich your journey. Apply now!
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MA Game Design

Explore the Master of Arts (MA) in Game Design program at BSBI offers game development skills taught by game studies academics & industry experts. Apply Now!
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MSc in Sports Management (UCA)

The MSc in Sports Management is a transformative, full-time master’s programme tailored to ambitious individuals seeking to expand their knowledge, sharpen their skills and cultivate a deep ethical understanding within the realm of sports management and leadership.
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MSc in Real Estate and Asset Management (UCA)

This course will prepare students for a rewarding career in this dynamic field, where expertise in property management, investment strategies, sustainable development, and legal compliance is paramount. This course seamlessly blends academic rigor with practical application, ensuring that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also acquire the hands-on experience needed to excel.
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