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Our interdisciplinary 18-month MA Photography course—a transformative journey of advanced study crafted to enhance your research prowess, nurture a compelling visual communication style, and enable specialisation within your chosen discipline.

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The MA Photography course offers subject-specific expertise and interdisciplinary skills to craft your unique learning journey. This programme fosters experimentation, intellectual inquiry, and a global perspective. It is a combination of theory and practice. It gives students the opportunity to explore various facets of photography, from traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, and navigate a curriculum that encourages creative expression and critical thinking. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded education ensures that you graduate with the proficiency to thrive in a rapidly evolving field, where innovation and adaptability are paramount. Join us on this exciting journey, where your passion for photography meets a curriculum designed to inspire and propel you towards success.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is in partnership with University for the Creative Arts (UCA). As a result of this partnership, BSBI is able to offer the MA Photography programme. UCA is an acclaimed creative institution in the UK that ranks highly in all three of the major UK league tables. The university has also been ranked 13th out of all UK universities in the Guardian League Table 2020; and ranked no.7 in the 2021 Guardian League Tables for Business, Management & Marketing.


What will the student experience?

Are you aspiring to pursue a career as an editorial or commercial photographer? Are you eager to express your artistic vision through photography? Perhaps you envision yourself making an impact in photojournalism or fashion photography.

Our photography master’s programme is designed to guide you in cultivating the essential skills to become a proficient photographer within your chosen specialisation.

Collaborating with fellow students from diverse creative disciplines, such as film, games, and graphic design, you’ll have the opportunity to construct a dynamic portfolio that mirrors your distinct interests and aspirations as a photographer.

Who should take this programme?

Elevate your passion for photography to new heights with our Master of Arts (MA) in Photography programme at BSBI, Hamburg Campus.

Why study this programme?

Start on a versatile career path with our Photography degrees, opening doors to a myriad of exciting fields, including:

Programme Price


Location: Hamburg

2024 October: International students Price: €13,250 | EU students Price: €8,450

Special offers effective until 31 July 2024: Up to 35% discount for International Students | 10% discount for EU Students

Terms and conditions apply. Find out more here.

The School’s admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions). Information on your Right of Withdrawal and our Refund Policy can be found in the BSBI study agreement.

Programme Structure

This 18-month (Level 7) Photography MA consists of three terms of study and six months dedicated to your dissertation.

The first two terms include a range of lectures and seminars and you’ll start to explore your creative practice in order to inform the detailed development of your project proposal later in the course.

In the third term you begin developing your MA project, evaluating and testing out the aims of your proposal over a sustained period of self-directed study.

In the final stage, you’ll apply the knowledge gained through your research to create a final body of work where you can either take a generic approach or select one of the following three specialisations in relation to our BA courses: Graphic Design, Illustration or Animation.

The modules of this programme are offered and delivered 100% on campus. Students will also have additional access to course and reading materials via the University for the Creative Arts platform.

Critical Perspective

Exploratory Perspective

Research and Development

Resolution and Presentation

Learning Outcomes

Experimentation & Innovation

In this aspect of our Master’s programme, you will develop a heightened awareness of contemporary theoretical debates that have significantly influenced current photographic practices. Through critical analysis, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to identify and engage with these debates, showcasing a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of photography. Building upon the foundation of LO1, you will critically articulate a specialist area of photographic practice, utilising thorough research and analysis. This outcome encourages you to delve deep into your chosen field, establishing a nuanced understanding of the theoretical underpinnings that shape your specialised practice.

Engaging with Practice

This learning outcome focuses on establishing a strong connection between research, theory, and practical application. Showcase your appreciation for the intricate relationships between these elements, demonstrating critical engagement. Apply technical skills and creative choices to produce a compelling body of work that effectively communicates with your intended audience. This extended outcome emphasises the practical application of technical skills and creative choices. Showcase your ability to not only produce a body of work but to do so with a keen awareness of your audience. Effectively communicate your artistic vision through thoughtful engagement with the technical aspects of photography.

Research & Analysis

In the research and analysis component, you will learn to construct a robust research framework that underpins and explores the contexts of your work, both practically and theoretically. Identify theoretical sources and demonstrate an understanding of contemporary and historical-critical frameworks that inform your research interests. This outcome emphasises your ability to evidence a range of research-informed photographic approaches, employing creative conceptual strategies to enrich your work. Taking research and analysis to a higher level, this outcome requires you to evidence a broader range of research-informed photographic approaches. Demonstrate your proficiency in employing creative conceptual strategies, showcasing a well-rounded and informed approach to your photographic endeavours.

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Career Progression

Our advanced degree programme equips you for your professional journey by integrating practical experience units, guest lectures by accomplished artists, and comprehensive portfolio assessments conducted by prominent individuals in the photography sector. Potential career paths encompass:

  • Freelance photography
  • Fine art
  • Fashion
  • Advertising and editorial
  • Post-production/digital imaging
  • Picture editing and research
  • Curating
  • Image, arts, and community arts management
  • Gallery administration

BSBI’s dedicated Careers Service helps visual communication students and alumni reach their career goals and realise their potential. The Service offers specialised support and aims to build long-lasting relationships with local and national employers. To find out more about the support available, visit the Careers Service website.


The Virtual Student Lounge

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