Academic Support Centre

When you become a student at BSBI, you are welcomed into a community that actively supports your goals. No matter what you need, we have you covered!

What is the Academic Support Centre?

The term academic support refers to a wide variety of services provided to the students to help them embark on their academic journey of education and meet their academic goals.

Academic support programmes and strategies are used by schools to increase the academic achievement of students, particularly for students who may struggle to reach their full academic potential.
The Academic Support Centre (ASC) of BSBI also offers "enrichment" programmes and more advanced learning opportunities to higher-achieving students. The ASC includes a broad array of related support services to students, faculty and staff including new student orientation, academic coaching (guidance and counselling), academic supervision, educational strategies, tutoring sessions, mentoring, supplemental courses, teacher advisors, positive peer tutoring, assessment and research. All of the aforementioned initiatives are implemented with the aim of improving student retention and academic excellence.

The BSBI Academic Support Centre is here to support you through your way to success!

Aims and Objectives

The ASC aims to foster and promote good communication and study practices among students. The centre provides a variety of academic resources to assist learning in the classroom and help students develop essential skills to reach their academic goals.


A methodology is a set of ideas or guidelines on how to proceed in gathering and validating knowledge of a subject matter. Different areas of science have developed very different methodologies.

Using a methodology provides a guide for carrying out some or all the following activities: probing the empirical details of a domain of phenomena, discovering explanations of surprising outcomes or patterns, identifying entities or forces, establishing patterns, providing predictions, separating noise from the signal, using empirical reasoning to assess hypotheses and assertions.

BSBI has both professional and avant-garde professors. Not only do all our professors use valid and up-to-date methodologies to teach, but they also use extra resources and materials to ensure the highest quality of learning process. All students have access to bibliotic resources, eBooks, valid internet resources, informative PowerPoints and videos, for each of their lessons. 

The Academic Support Centre office offers scheduled appointments and also provides a walk-in service. You may send your inquiries and appointment requests here

Support Programmes and Activities 

BSBI students benefit from various support programmes and activities offered by ASC according to their needs. All the programmes and activities are meticulously tailored for students to assist them throughout their studies.

BSBI’s activities and programmes presented by the ASC are: