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At BSBI, we are passionate about progressing and contributing to research. Our aim is to create a significant and sustainable impact in academia as well as in industry. We support academics and researchers through our Postdoctoral Research Centre and our Scientific Journal, proving a platform for individuals to further their research and publish their original research papers and articles. This support also extends to our students through our Academic Support Centre whereby students are provided with a variety of services to help them embark on their academic journey and meet their academic goals.

Year in Review Academic Report 2023

Together with our distinguished professors, lecturers, and members of staff, we have created a unique academic methodology combining face-to-face, hybrid, and blended education but also theory with practice.

Our mission has been to create global leaders, decision-makers, and problem solvers and to influence business practices and public policy to deliver better outcomes for the modern world.

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Academic Support Centre

The ASC aims to foster and promote good communication and study practices among students. The centre provides a variety of academic resources to assist learning in the classroom and help students develop essential skills to reach their academic goals.
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Scientific Journal

Scientific Journal of Business and Innovation is an open access international scientific journal and publishes only original research papers and review articles (scientific publications).
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Postdoctoral Research Centre

The Postdoctoral Research Centre (PRC) focuses on building innovative knowledge in various disciplines to mitigate against challenges within the business sector. The scientific platform concentrates on complementing the existing research base with further superiority. 
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Faculty Development Series

The Concept of the Faculty Development Series (FDS) is to hold Lecture Series to enlighten the BSBI and Associated Academic Faculties on different aspects relating to academia and self development.
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Café Scientifique

Café Scientifique is a place where anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. The Café provides a forum for debating science issues outside the traditional academic context. 
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Café Artistique

Café Artistique is a live streaming format where we invite professionals form the creative industry, to discuss and talk about design topics, trends, developments and opportunities. 
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Academic Publications