BSBI Publications

These publications cover a variety of topics from our scientific journals which publish original research papers and articles to the Café Scientifique Chronicle which covers the Café Scientifique events we have held. Through our academic publications, we strive to continue contributing to research and creating an inclusive environment which enables all in our community to be heard.

BSBI Gazette*

BSBI Gazette is a weekly publication published every Friday. It will be distributed to all students and faculty.
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We welcome you to explore “Pioneer” – BSBI’s exclusive magazine created by our community of students, staff and academics, all of whom are passionate about sharing topics, changing our society and economy or who just want to share a tasty recipe!
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BSBI Prospectus 2024


Today’s business world is constantly changing, bringing with it exciting new opportunities as well as daily challenges. That’s why at BSBI, we are dedicated to training students to effectively shape the future by overcoming these challenges and becoming tomorrow’s business leaders.
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Our industry relevant and highly ranked undergraduate and postgraduate programmes have been designed to develop the practical business skills needed to thrive in today’s global business market. Find all information about our programmes below.
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Café Scientifique Chronicle

The seventeen Café Scientifique events have taken place till now and there are more to come. Among different creative initiatives, Café Scientifique shows great potential in network building, educational and industry partnerships. It is a great opportunity for students to learn the contemporary phenomena in a pioneering manner.
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