MSc Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

BSBI has selected this 18-month MSc Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme from among the many prestigious international degrees offered by the University of Roehampton.

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Transitioning to a more sustainable way of life is key to our future. Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) is the management of worldwide product flow for organisations and businesses. The programme will provide students with the knowledge and skills to drive forward change in the management of global supply chains. With the climate crisis threatening the future of our planet, companies are moving to make their global supply chains more sustainable, ethical and resilient without weakening their competitiveness. This MSc programme will prepare students to take on this challenge, and also to—operationally, strategically, financially, and analytically—manage it.

The University of Roehampton London is an established international higher-education institution providing a high-quality learning and research experience with the aim of developing personal growth and driving social change. 

The University has a proud and distinguished history dating back to the 1840s and it was one of the first institutions in the UK to admit women to its colleges of higher education. 

Today the University is renowned for its broad range of expertise across teacher training, business, social sciences, the arts and humanities, psychology, as well as human and life sciences, with world-leading and internationally recognised research in these fields.


What will the student experience?

Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of supply chain management and logistics management processes.
  • Understand what different roles and activities people in supply chains play and how these roles work to deliver products or services.
  • Focus on relevant accounting and financial concepts for decision-making purposes in supply chain and logistics management processes.
  • Deal with relevant business policies and strategic design and analysis in supply chain management and logistics management processes.

The course is delivered 100% on-campus with full access to state-of-the-art facilities. 

Who should take this programme?

This master’s course is aimed at students who have a three-year university degree in any relevant area (including engineering, management and science). Applicants who have earned the required certification from an accredited institution will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Why study this programme?

This master’s programme envisages the training of professional profiles such as logistics and supply chain managers and executives for companies and agencies working globally. Studying Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management allows you to create valuable insights in cost minimisation, inventory analysis, accessibility analysis, and strategic sourcing analysis for learners.

Programme Price


2024 October: €13,250 (International students) | €8,450 (EU students)

Special offers effective until 31 December 2024: Up to 30% savings for International Students | 10% savings for EU Students

Terms and conditions apply. Find out more here.

The School’s admissions process is subject to the Consumer Contracts (Terms and Conditions). Information on your Right of Withdrawal and our Refund Policy can be found in the BSBI study agreement.

Programme Structure

This programme consists of 3 terms (12 weeks each) and a dissertation term (6 months). Teaching takes place Monday to Saturday, during morning, afternoon, or evening sessions.

Students will also attend modules on academic research methods and study the German language alongside their master’s degree subjects.


  • Global Strategic Management 
  • Global Service Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
  • Supply Chain Sustainability and Resiliency
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Business Research Methods
  • Dissertation

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to deepen students’ understanding of how cognitive approaches can help us understand the behaviour and experiences of ourselves and others.

At the end of the course, students will learn the following:

• Learn why supply chains are the fundamental element of all businesses.

• Develop an understanding of supply chain and logistics management processes.

• Understand the roles people in the chain play and how these work to deliver various products or services.

• Learn how supply chains draw together all of the activities required to deliver goods or services to a consumer, from sourcing raw materials to production, marketing and delivery.

• Use accounting, budgetary and other information systems in planning, decision-making and control.

• Apply appropriate analytical tools and techniques to optimise organisation performance.

• Examine how sustainability practices and concepts influence international business policy, stakeholder relationships and strategy design and process.

• Make global supply chains more sustainable, ethical and resilient without weakening their competitiveness.

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Career Progression

Global supply chains are facing a skills shortage across the world, and many organisations now realise the impact a good supply chain can have on their success. This MSc degree will equip learners to work in management positions such as operations, logistics or supply chain management (SCM) in both national and international organisations. They will be able to secure operational, strategic, and financial roles within global supply chain and logistics systems. Furthermore, graduates can work in the areas of procurement management, purchasing management, and materials management in those organisations, both indirectly and directly.

BSBI’s dedicated Careers Service helps students and alumni reach their career goals and realise their potential. The Service offers specialised support and aims to build long-lasting relationships with local and national employers. To find out more about the support available, visit the Careers Service website.


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