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BSBI in Hamburg Germany. Join an elite group of creative talents.

Study at one of the top universities in the UK and earn an accredited degree while enjoying the beautiful city of Hamburg.

Have you read the Portfolio Cookbook?

The Portfolio Cookbook guide is to help candidates carefully select their artwork and showcase their workflow and creative thinking process. Before you enter the competition, please make sure you read through the Cookbook guide to give you a better chance to be considered for the competition. The Cookbook will show you the Do's and Don'ts, what you should include in your portfolio, what it should look like and many more. 

The winners for the Third Competition 

1st Place Winner - 100% Scholarship on Tuition


Mai Tran

2nd Place Winners - 50% Scholarship on Tuition

Dayana Zhumabek

Isac Samuel Da Silva

Matheus Lima Da Silva

3rd Place Winners - 40% Scholarship on Tuition

Burhan Seddiqi

Dasyam Rishi Vinesh


The winners for the Second Competition 

1st Place Winner

S.J. Onyedika - Full Scholarship 

  • A. Beatriz
  • C. M. T. Guevara
  • P. H. L. De Silva
  • M. A. E. Gutiérrez

The winners for the first Competition 

1st Place Winner

A. Espinoza - Full Scholarship 

  • H. Moutaz
  • J. Morales
  • O. Chang
  • R. Fereira
  • C. Affat
  • V. Texeira
  • C. Morchheiser
  • C. Davies
  • A. Lauz
  • A. Khan
  • L. Munien
  • M. Pavon
  • O. Gerard
  • N. Alexander
  • J. Robinson

Next Competition

Best Portfolio (Study for Free!)
1 Student | 100% Scholarship on Tuition

Second Best Portfolio
10 Students | 50% Scholarship on Tuition
Third Best Portfolio
20 Students | 40% Scholarship on Tuition

How to Apply

Complete an online application

Submit a scanned image of your passport (page with student’s details and picture)

Submit your creative portfolio

  • A panel of industry experts will be part the reviewing committee.
  • The list of winners will be published on the berlinsbi.com website.
  • Study at one of the top universities in the UK and earn an accredited degree while enjoying the beautiful city of Hamburg.
Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd Competition!

The next competition date:

September 9th - Submission deadline

September 16th - Announcement of winners


Our Academic Partner

The programmes in Hamburg campus are awarded by the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), a highly ranked specialist creative university based in the UK. 

Rules of the Competition

This offer is not cumulative. Winners cannot use this discount on top of additional discounts or scholarships.

This is only applicable to the Faculty of Creative Industries programmes being offered on the Hamburg campus.

The courses below are awarded by the top ranked creative specialist university in the UK, University for the Creative Arts (UCA).

  • Arts Foundation Year
  • BA (Hons) Animation
  • BA (Hons) Illustration
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Scholarships can only be used for the October 2022 intakes.

Students who win the 50% or 40% Discount, will have 2 weeks to pay the €2,000 Deposit. The student who wins the 100% Discount is not required to pay any deposit.

Final approval into the programme and issuing of Acceptance Letter will only occur if the student sends the required documents and these documents must be accepted. Winning the scholarship does not entitle the student to direct entry into the programme. The student must send all the required documents in order to be accepted at BSBI.

This scholarship is non-transferable, therefore, students can’t transfer it to other students.

If the portfolio is made by someone else, and the student wins the competition, the student will be disqualified. Plagiarism will not be tolerated

For any comments or questions regarding the winning portfolio submissions, please email us at info@berlinsbi.com.

Faculty of Creative Industries

Anchored by the BSBI core values - Enterprise, Leadership and Success - the Faculty of Creative Industries brings an impactful set of creative arts programmes that are not only significant to our current economy but also a promising and commercially relevant career pathway for the future.

Anticipating the demands of a digital and knowledge-based economy, the creative arts industry is in a transformative age and is becoming more valuable than ever. Modern-day artistry encompasses the ability to translate ideas to a meaningful output from visual interpretation to storytelling that automation cannot fully dictate, inspire and accomplish.

Creative innovations happen in a setting where it is encouraged and at the same time, challenged. This type of environment is provided at BSBI, encouraging our students to nurture and improve their skill set to enable them to build a thriving career in the creative economy when they graduate.