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BSBI launches five new programmes with UNINETTUNO

Berlin School of Business and Innovation launches five new programmes in partnership with UNINETTUNO.

On 25th August 2022, Berlin School of Business and Innovation announced the launch of five new programmes in partnership with UNINETTUNO with the aim to continue strengthening and diversifying its course portfolio.

The five new programmes that students will now be able to study at BSBI are BSc in Psychology - Psychosocial Disciplines, MA in Logistics, MA in Energy Management, MSc in Psychology - Cognitive Processes and Technologies and MSc in Engineering Management.

These new programmes are offered in partnership with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. BSBI has been partners with UNINETTUNO since its launch in 2018 and continues to explore ways to grow the partnership further.

Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at BSBI, said: “I am thrilled to introduce the new programmes that BSBI will offer.

“The programmes come at a perfect moment to bridge the gap that new global challenges are presenting in the domains of energy, logistics and engineering management. They are complemented with a bachelor’s and a master’s in psychology which signify the opening of the school to social sciences.”


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