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BSBI students participate in academic business challenge

Student Experience ᛫ 23 June 2022

On 24th of May, Berlin School of Business and Innovation master’s students studying the innovation and entrepreneurship programme were given the challenge to start an on-campus business from €50 with the aim to make a profit of €10 within three weeks.

BSBI organises Multicultural Day event for students and staff

Student Experience ᛫ 7 June 2022

On Tuesday 7 June, Berlin School of Business and Innovation held an event at the Berlin campus for students and staff to celebrate Multicultural Day.

BSBI announces move to new Berlin campus

Inside Business ᛫ 13 May 2022

It is with great excitement that we announce our move to a new campus in Berlin! Sagi Hartov, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BSBI, officially signed the contract today, 13th May 2022.

BSBI Hosts Fresher's party for new students

Student Experience ᛫ 10 May 2022

On Tuesday 10th May 2022, the Student Council of Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted Fresher's party to welcome new students from October 2021 and February 2022 intakes.

AI journal publishes Dr Farshad Badie’s research on semantic networking

Inside Business ᛫ 4 May 2022

A research work of one of our faculty members, Dr Farshad Badie, was published by a renowned journal publisher AI journal.

BSBI announces the launch of the Scientific Journal of Creative and Digital Arts

Inside Business ᛫ 27 April 2022

Like its academic counterparts, the Scientific Journal of Creative and Digital Arts aims to meet the highest expectations of its international readership, serve as an inspiration and invite intensive discourse.

BSBI representatives hosted another information session in India

Events ᛫ 8 April 2022

On Friday 8th April 2022, Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted a successful event for prospective students in Mumbai, India.

BSBI holds Café Scientifique on Industrial Transformation in Software Industry

Events ᛫ 8 April 2022

Watch this highly interactive event held on the 31st of March. The BSBI students were able to interact with experts from the IT industry and learn more about the observed and expected transformations in the IT domain.

Scientific Journal for Human & Machine Learning

Events ᛫ 14 March 2022

BSBI is proud to announce the launch of another scientific journal that will serve as a fully open access international publication and a critical part of BSBI's ongoing research efforts.