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Faculty of Computer Science & Informatics

Digital technology is now incorporated into every aspect of today's society and business world. All areas of life are affected by a digital revolution which is evolving to disrupt the traditional business world and bringing new job roles to the forefront.

The advances we are witnessing the post-covid era has led to increased demands for tech-savvy professionals and BSBI’s Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics is dedicated to filling this skills gap.

In partnership with UCA, the faculty offers a number of industry-relevant programmes tailored to ensuring students stay ahead of the competition in the current job market. Students will be equipped with the cutting-edge knowledge, specialist skills and tech strategies to respond to the dynamics of today’s increasingly digitised world.


Teach students the skills needed to support the products and services emerging within the global industry of computer science and informatics.

Incorporate the latest technologies into programmes to enhance the learning experience and enrich digitisation practice.

Enable students to respond proactively to dynamic industry challenges by devising and implementing new tech strategies.

Our Academic Partners

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is in proud partnership with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA). The university was the highest placed specialist creative university in the Complete University Guide and The Guardian’s 2020 League Table.

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation is excited to be in academic partnership with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO. Established in 2005, UNINETTUNO delivers bachelor's degrees, specialisation degrees, research doctorates and university master's degrees acknowledged throughout the world.