BSBI Faculty as GUS Fellows

BSBI Academic Faculty members receive GUS Institute Fellowship distinction

In March, GUS announced a new initiative: the GUS Institute Fellowship. This fellowship, designed to tap into the combined expertise of GUS’ academic community, intends to lead multinational, innovative, and impactful projects across the GUS network.

During the summit, the 25 fellows, chosen from diverse institutions within the GUS ecosystem, were recognised and will work on projects ranging from teaching innovation to significant research efforts, all with the goal of establishing GUS as a global leader in educational innovation.

With the launch of the GUS Institute Fellowship, GUS confirms its commitment to building an innovative and scholarly leadership culture among its diverse academic community. As GUS continues to break new ground in education, the fellowship programme demonstrates its steadfast commitment to changing the future of learning on a worldwide scale.

BSBI Faculty as GUS Fellows

Message from the BSBI Provost and Chief Academic Officer

“I would like to congratulate my three colleagues from the bottom of my heart. Not only because they deserve this Fellowship but mainly for their efforts, courage and excellence in their academic paths. Their achievement will also serve as a paradigm but also as beacon to all the other members of our community. Above all, this will be the start of a fruitful and astonishing new journey. Well done!” – Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA

Hear from our new GUS Fellows

“I’m thrilled to receive the GUS fellowship in support of our vital project, ‘The Art of Living: A Comprehensive Study of Life Strategies’. This research aims to equip individuals with robust life strategies for our complex times. The fellowship’s network of scholars provides an invaluable platform to shape our framework across disciplines and contexts, ensuring it effectively addresses existential, societal, and cognitive needs.”

Dr Farshad Badie, Head of Research, BSBI

“It is always incredibly difficult yet very honorable to be the first in something. So, undoubtedly, I have pretty mixed feelings about being one of the first ever GUS fellows. On the one hand, I am thrilled about the upcoming cross-cultural and interdisciplinary academic research. On the other hand, this means that GUS fellows representing BSBI must ensure our research is palpable and applicable in real-life situations for broader societal impact. Humbled, I’m simply looking forward to reinforcing my experience, as well as my existential and business-oriented findings with the socio-technical methodologies. Thank you to GUS for this tremendous opportunity!” 

Dr Svitlana Samoylenko, Lecturer, BSBI

“With the tremendous technological advancement, the world is heading to a borderless phase, which is considered as one of the beneficial ends of the tunnel. Joining a prestigious international community of this calibre, is a great honour and opportunity to learn, grow and give back to society.” 

Dr Kaddour Chelabi, Lecturer, BSBI

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