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Dr. Farshad Badie holds a PhD in Human-Centered Communication & Informatics, with a special focus on logic, information science, and learning/cognitive science in human-human-machine interaction systems. He obtained his doctoral degree from Aalborg University (AAU) in Denmark in 2017. Prior to that, in 2013, he completed his MSc with honours in Software IT, specialising in Information Systems, from the University of Debrecen in Hungary.

Dr. Badie’s research primarily revolves around semi-formal conceptual/logical languages as well as their applications in semantic/terminological knowledge modelling. He is also concentrated on human and artificial cognition. More specifically, his interest lies in the logical, ontological, and semantic analysis of the fundamental components of meaning and cognition within cognitive/knowledge agents’ interactions. Moreover, in organisational and human-centred contexts, he explores the conceptual and logical aspects of “change” and “innovation”.

Before joining BSBI, Dr. Badie held various positions, including Associate Lecturer & Supervisor at the School of Computing at Arden University in Berlin (since 2021), independent Postdoctoral Researcher collaborating with the knowledge group “Natural and Formal Languages” at AAU in Denmark (2017-2022), Secretary & Executive Committee Member of the Nordic Association of Linguists in Denmark (2016-2022), Scientific Consultant in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics at D4tec in Denmark (2016-2019), Research Assistant at the “Natural and Formal Languages” group at AAU in Denmark (2018), Visiting Research Scholar at the Department of Applied IT at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden (2016), Lecturer for a series of workshops on “Tense & Modal Logic” at AAU in Denmark (2014-2017), Doctoral Researcher at the centres for “Computer-mediated Epistemology” and “Linguistics” at AAU in Denmark (2014-2017), Research Assistant at the research group “Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW)” at the Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) at the University of Leipzig in Germany (2013-2014), Teaching Assistant & Seminar Leader in “Logic in, and Mathematical Foundations of, Computer Science” at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Debrecen in Hungary (2012-2013), and Teacher & Tutor in “Mathematical and Statistical Sciences” at several high schools in Tehran, Iran (2004-2010).

Dr. Badie also serves as an editorial board member and reviewer for numerous journals covering computer science, formal languages, theory of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, decision/learning sciences, and management sciences. Additionally, he has participated as an organising and scientific committee member in over 160 conferences and workshops held in Europe, America, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

Areas of expertise

  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Knowledge Representation & Reasoning
  • Conceptual Modelling in Computer Science
  • Applied/Formal Ontologies
  • Theoretical Foundations of Information and Computing Sciences
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science
  • Change Management

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Research Interests

  • Logic-based [and Semantic] Artificial Intelligence
  • Logic-based Agents
  • Logic & Natural Language Understanding
  • Human-Human-Machine Interaction-based Knowledge Building
  • Smart Learning Systems & Pedagogical Issues

Conferences, Talks, and Speaking Engagements

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