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Dr Kaddour Chelabi’s research in non-commutative quantum field theory and holographic quantum chromodynamics opened his heart to a limitless horizon to deeply perceive nature and try to closely understand its interactions with humans.

Firstly, there are many fundamental theories trying to find a final theory of everything, among which we find string theory and quantum gravity, where we try to unify the infinitesimally small with the very large under the same umbrella. Dr. Chelabi believes the key to a successful path to finalize final framework to describe and understand nature and the vast universe is to go back and redefine the following magical and mysterious triangle: Matter, Space and Time, which makes the Universe.

Secondly, mathematics as a language could be a means to analyze and understand societies, either as a fluid (collectively) or as a particle (individually), whose applciations can clearly minifest in different fields, for instance: International Marketing, Behavioral Studies, Engineering Manganement, etc, where statistical analysis is intensively used and predictibility of future situations of any system can be obtained with high certainty. Teaching and doing research in different countries, from Africa to North America then to Asia, allowed him to learn a lot about cultures and societies; languages, believes, traditions, philosophies, lifestyle and beyond.

Co-founding two companies in education, to bridge China with and UK and USA, opened his eyes to deeply understand the global educational systems, such as IB, AP and A-Level. In addition, learning more about structure of universities and how to connect them with schools, where we guide students to choose the right or closest path to achieve their dreams through the chosen subjects in science and humanities. Guiding students to choose the right field, it will open their hearts to work harder with passion and patience, and automatically, they will be positively productive to society. Education is space where students hone their skills and enrich their knowledge with useful tools to face the future individually and collectively. Collaborating with international organizations, such as Roots and Shoots, Taihe Institute and UNDP, opened to me a broader vision on the existence of global issues and how to efficiently deal with them, including global warming, carbon emission and plastic pollution.

He feels fortunate to have dealt with this wide range of fields, and be aware of these marvellous unsolved mysteries that give us the energy and inspirations to decipher and dig deeper through the layers of knowledge, and eventually push the front line further for humanity and nature.

Areas of expertise

  • Dynamical systems
  • Applied mathematics
  • Theoretical sociology
  • Geopolitical economics
  • Particle physics theory
  • Quantum cosmology


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Research interests

  • Dynamics of societies
  • The nature of: Matter, Space and Time
  • The History of the Universe

Conferences, Talks, and Speaking Engagements

  • A Lecture on: Curing the UV/IR-mixing in non-commutative gauge theories: 2+1-Tilde Chern-Simons Theory and Maxwell Theory, 8th Interantional Conference on progress in theoretical physics, Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria.
  • Lecture on: Non-Commutative Chern-Simons Theory In Particle Physics, at the international meeting of quantum gravity, 04/2013, Mathematics Department New Brunswick University, Canada  
  • A Lecture on : Holographic QCD and Chriral Phase Transtion in 5D, at Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, 01/2016
  • A workshop on the history of science, at the Beijing Biennale, at Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, 09/2016.
  • A workshop on: Technology, Art, Community and Space, 7th Bosphorus Summit, Istanbul, 12/2016
  • A workshop on: Educational systems and the keys to success, Jingdi, Beijing, 03/2019
  • A Lecture on: Micro- and Macro-Migration and the future of human race on Earth, Taihe Institute, Beijing, 09/2019
  • A Lecture on: The Importance of the Earth in the eyes of Cosmology, at Hyundai Blue Prize opening, Beijing, 06/2021
  • A Lecture on: The physics of Climate Change, at Shoots and Roots, Beijing, 12/2021
  • Averroes Erasmus Mundas Master Scholarship in Theoretical Physics EU, 2008
  • Presidential Full PhD Scholarship at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 09/2013
  • The international embassador of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) at the Global Youth Summit, SIngapore 2014
  • The International Representative of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), 2016 and 2019, at the Physics Nobel Prize Laureate Meeting , Lindau Germany.
  • The THINC Fellowship, TENCENT/VIVA LA VIDA 2021
  • The INSPIRO Fellowship, UN-Tech-Global Environment 2022
  • Member of Youth International Scholar, Taihe Institute Beijing
  • Member at Roots and Shoots, Beijing