A new research paper of Dr Farshad Badie on Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems

The Associate Editor of the BSBI Gazette and the Scientific Journal of Human and Machine Learning, Dr Farshad Badie, has been actively publishing research works and the most recent is with the Journal of Knowledge Structures & Systems. The paper offers a novel Symbolic AI model whose main goal is to represent the ‘Formal Thought Disorder’ (related to Psychiatry). The main scopes of this research are Logic, Symbolic Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Brain Science. This body of work will also be referenced in the MSc in Data Analytics course and the recently launched MSc in Psychology – Cognitive Processes and Technologies.

Research work is core practice of BSBI’ academic body. Dr Badie is an editorial board member and reviewer for several journals in different areas of computer science, formal languages, theory of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and decision/learning sciences. In addition, he has been an organising and scientific committee member for many conferences and workshops in Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

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You may download the Full Text PDF through ResearchGate.

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