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Top 7 project management trends to look for in 2022

Student Corner ᛫ 30 August 2022

Read this latest blog to learn about how project management has changed through new technologies, tools and methodologies.

Returning to campus

Student Corner ᛫ 18 August 2022

Hear from Maria Requena Lopez, Head of Student Services, about students returning to campus after the last two years and how to make sure this is a success.

Language is the key to success

Student Corner ᛫ 9 August 2022

Learning a language can bring a range of benefits when studying abroad. Hear from one of our MBA students, Shubham, about studying the German language.

Nurturing your mental health

Student Corner ᛫ 3 August 2022

Read from one of our MBA students, Rosa Yolanda Reyes Hernandez, about what it was like to move abroad and how to overcome any challenges you may face.

4 spectacular hidden gems to explore in Athens

Student Corner ᛫ 13 July 2022

One of our college students, Mi Alves from MSc Digital Marketing course from Berlin campus visited Athens recently to explore the city. Read this blog to know more about the hidden wonders of Athens

5 Pocket friendly things for students to do in Paris

Student Corner ᛫ 13 June 2022

Read this blog to know more about Paris and things you can do while you are living in this lovely city.

Germany as a study destination, perceived by an international student

Student Corner ᛫ 30 May 2022

Are you looking forward to studying with BSBI? Read this blog from one of our students, Mi Alves, sharing her personal experience in Germany, particularly Berlin. Also read to learn about why you should choose to study with BSBI.

Emerging big data technologies you must know about in 2022

Student Corner ᛫ 10 May 2022

Read this blog to learn more about big data technology and the emerging tools in the field. You will also find more details about how to apply for a Master's programme at BSBI to gain more knowledge in big data technologies.

What are the takeaways from the recovery of the hospitality industry post-pandemic?

Student Corner ᛫ 6 May 2022

Read this blog to learn how the hospitality industry has recovered and is adapting post-pandemic.