BSBI joins the International Student Identity Card global network

Berlin School of Business and Innovation has recently secured an important collaboration, becoming an affiliate of the  International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association.

BSBI students will now have the opportunity to request the membership card, which will give them access to over 150,000 benefits in more than 130 countries. Discounts and offers available to ISIC cardholders will apply to a variety of services and products all over the world, and not just in Berlin, where they are based. These services will include accommodation and attractions, restaurants, transportation, fashion, entertainment, museums and much more.

Launched in 1968, the ISIC card is officially recognised by UNESCO as an international student card and has grown to become a global network for students of all ages. Thanks to this collaboration, BSBI students will now be able to join this worldwide community and add value to their learning experience.

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