BSBI holds guest speaker event with tourism manager of the Mexican government

On Thursday 5 December, Berlin School of Business and Innovation held a guest lecture event welcoming Mr Florentino Cabrera Garcia, Head of Tourism Promotion at the Embassy of Mexico in Germany.

In 2017, Mexico was ranked as the sixth most visited country in the word and has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in Latin America. The tourism sector contributes approximately 10% of the Mexican Gross Domestic Product (DGP) and generates 1 out of every 10 employments.

With 85% of their business involving international students, they have a good understanding of what students are looking for. The partnership with BSBI will allow students to receive regular offers as they become available.

Mr Garcia, who is a diplomat of the Mexican government and was previously Head of Political Affairs and Economic Promotion of the Embassy of Mexico to Ethiopia and the African Union, shared his wealth of experience with BSBI students.

Mr Garcia caught the attention of the students by giving an in-depth presentation highlighting his journey in the tourism industry and key accomplishments. They were very engaged and enjoyed the question-and-answer session that followed.

Overall, Mr Garcia’s visit was a great success with students absorbing and appreciating the skill, professionalism and knowledge he presented.

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