BSBI holds first graduation ceremony for Professional Certification Courses

On Tuesday 14 May, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation held its first graduation ceremony, around 176 students completed the certificate programmes. The celebration was held at BSBI Alte Post, Berlin Campus.

The event marked the achievement of months of dedicated work and personal growth for the first group of students to complete BSBI’s Professional Certificate Courses.

Dr Ekaterina Safonova, Vice-Provost for International Relations and Development at BSBI, opened the ceremony with a warm welcome, acknowledging the significance of the occasion and the collective journey undertaken by the graduating students. Her words set the scene for an evening full of reflection, celebration and inspiration.

“These Professional Certificate Courses are a unique opportunity for our students to upskill and become the standout candidates in any professional arena. Here at BSBI they are receiving fundamental knowledge, we are here to turn them from graduates into real specialists, who are ready to tackle real-world challenges from day one and to present themselves professionally to their future employer.”

Dr Ekaterina Safonova, Vice-Provost for International Relations and Development

During the ceremony, esteemed speakers shared insightful reflections, emphasising the transformative value of the course and the commitment shown by the students. Their words resonated with attendees, emphasising the sense of community and collaboration that defines the BSBI experience.

Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at BSBI, said: “When we first designed these programmes a couple of years ago, we wanted to be supplementary to what we offer to our students at all levels of education. So, they are not just micro-credential, they are exactly what industries want.”

After the formal proceedings, the celebration extended to the Alte Post terrace, where students, teachers and guests could come together to celebrate their achievements.

BSBI congratulates the graduates on their achievements and looks forward to their continued success and contributions.

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