BSBI celebrates UN International Volunteer Day with students


On Monday 4 December, Berlin School of Business and Innovation celebrated World Environment Day with its students. The event, hosted by Dr Svitlana Samoylenko, Lecturer at BSBI and Dr Kaddour Chelabi, Lecturer at BSBI, took place in the Holographic Theatre of BSBI Berlin campus. Over 70 students gathered to commemorate this significant occasion dedicated to care and love. The event not only marked the spirit of giving but also showcased the dedication of BSBI students.

The focal point of the event was an intellectual competition on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), seamlessly integrated into the BSBI League. The choice of SDGs added depth and significance to the occasion, aligning the volunteering initiative with global efforts for positive change. This demonstrated a commendable fusion of intellectual curiosity and a commitment to addressing pressing global challenges.

The exceptional engagement demonstrated by BSBI students who organised the event was impressive. Their passion for learning, evident in the enthusiasm with which they embraced the competition, reflected a genuine desire to contribute meaningfully to a better future. The event became a testament to the proactive involvement of students in fostering a culture of kindness within the BSBI community.

Beyond intellectual pursuit, the essence of volunteering was expressed through the students’ actions. Their willingness to contribute without expecting anything in return exemplified the true spirit of volunteerism. This event not only celebrated UN International Volunteer Day but also laid the foundation for creating positive communities within BSBI.

In conclusion, the event was a resounding success, harmonising intellectual engagement with the core values of care and love. The students’ dedication showcased not only a celebration of the UN International Volunteer Day but also a profound commitment to actively contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate future.

Dr Kaddour Chelabi, said: “On International Volunteer Day, we thank those who give their helping hands without expecting anything in return. We celebrate people who are building a better world.”

Dr Svitlana Smoylenko, said: “Volunteering is the exercise in choice. You choose every day about the kind of world you want to live in and contribute to it with your actions.”

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