BSBI announces new student accommodation partners

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has announced new partnerships with leading student accommodation providers, Insider Apartment Community Living GmbH and Staytoo.

Insider Apartment Community Living GmbH is a real estate service matching the residential needs of students and professionals with rooms and apartments in Berlin. The company has various properties throughout the city, the majority of which come fully furnished and with all bills included.

With 85% of their business involving international students, they have a good understanding of what students are looking for. The partnership with BSBI will allow students to receive regular offers as they become available.

Staytoo is a high-quality accommodation provider for students and professionals in Berlin, Bonn, Kaiserslautern, Leipzig and Nuremburg. Through this partnership, BSBI can request to reserve a number of apartments for its students. As part of the agreement, Staytoo will also assist BSBI with events management, guest lectures and potentially help students with internships.

Catherine Flynn, Student Services Manager at BSBI, said: “We are happy to announce these new partnerships. For those who study abroad, accommodation is a crucial part of their experience, and it is important for students to easily find a place where they can feel at home in their spare time.”

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