A Year in Review: Academic Report 2023

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI), although young, has managed, in a short space of time, to establish itself as one of the highest quality, friendly, and international educational organisations in Europe.

Together with our distinguished professors, lecturers, and members of staff, we have created a unique academic methodology combining face-to-face, hybrid, and blended education but also theory with practice. This is the most fruitful mixture that a young person can have to embark upon a successful career. Our mission has been to create global leaders, decision-makers, and problem solvers and to influence business practices and public policy to deliver better outcomes for the modern world.

Using our main framework, we know how to provide our students with the necessary skills so that they can respond effectively to today’s challenges. We have also equipped our students with a variety of extra assets that can add even more value to their studies, such as free German lessons, business simulations, and contacts within the industry, as well as access to professional career agencies.

Our concept of responsibility covers issues of ethics, respect, collaboration, coordination, and sustainability. In more specific words, both our academic members and the members of staff work with respect to the legal, organisational, and academic moral standards (in both human-oriented and
data-based contexts). We respect each other and our students and believe that the value of the human being is the most important concept in our school. All our academic and organisational activities are structurally shaped based on collaborations and co-ordinations among school members. Finally,
regarding sustainability, we have a special focus on both local and global values and frequently deal with the assessment of the interconnections between BSBI and its local and global environments.

BSBI is committed to PRME and embedding its principles across our institution, and we are looking forward to developing our academic, professional collaborations with our partners.

– Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA
  Provost and Chief Academic Officer

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