Study Immersion Trips for the Global MBA (UCA) Students in Berlin


Immersive field trips play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning process for students. These experiences go beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, offering students the opportunity to engage with the real world in a dynamic manner.

This week, more than 100 Global MBA-UCA students participated in study trips within the context of their Systems and Operations Management module.

The different groups participated in:

  • An on-site fact-finding tour at the IKEA store in Berlin-Tempelhof and learning via a business case study. 
  • A visit to a center for vintage cars with an integrated services center at Car Remise Berlin
  • An observational examination of the traffic control and infrastructure at the Berlin Central Railway Station, as well as at several sites of the Berlin Transport Company Network
  • Different exhibits at the Futurium, a museum with futuristic exhibitions and a laboratory in Berlin 

Concerning the pedagogical and business aspects, their Lecturer, Dr Anastasios Fountis pointed out: 

“The concepts of Systems, Operational Strategy, Mobility, and Supply Chain Management are an integrated part of the curriculum and are usually taught in an in-class format. All the educational material was provided in electronic format, prior to the visits. The hands-on experience via the study trips gives a unique opportunity to the students to learn the real dimensions of these concepts and gain in-situ knowledge.” Dr Anastasios Fountis

Overall, these immersive field trips provide a unique and enriching context for learning.

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