Siemensstadt Square: A Hub for Innovation and a Living Lab

On 12 June 2024, a delegation from Berlin School of Business and Innovation visited Siemensstadt Square in Berlin. Our hosts, Julia Neumann, Project Management Officer and Ilaria Carrara Cagni, Director of Technology, Research and Innovation Ecosystems, Intrapreneurship Strategist, and Business Coach from Siemens, warmly welcomed the BSBI team and shared insights into Siemens’ innovative strategies, modern technology, ethical implementation of AI and vision for the future.

The primary objective of the visit was to explore Siemensstadt Square as an emerging centre for technological innovation, mainly focusing on its potential impact on the sustainable future of business. This exploration aligned with the students’ academic interests in fields like Business Management, Strategic Planning, AI Management, Project Management, and Sustainability.

Key Highlights from the Visit:

1. Smart Infrastructure Integration: The BSBI team observed the integration of cutting-edge infrastructure within Siemensstadt Square. This included smart buildings, energy-efficient systems and advanced transportation networks designed to create a connected and sustainable urban environment.

2. Role of AI and Smart Technologies: During the visit, it was evident that artificial intelligence is integral to the project. AI is used extensively to optimise design, enhance operational efficiency and drive sustainability initiatives across the district.

3. Industry 4.0 Concepts in Action: The delegation saw firsthand the application of Industry 4.0 principles, including automation and data exchange, seamlessly integrated into the historical manufactural part of Siemensstadt Square, highlighting its potential as a highly advanced industrial environment.

4. Talent Attraction and Retention: Siemensstadt Square is designed to attract a diverse workforce of researchers, developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. This strategic focus on human capital underscores its potential as a future hub for technological talent and innovation. That’s why Ilaria Carrara Cagni, Director of Technology, Research, and Innovation Ecosystems, calls Siemensstadt “a unique Living Lab”. 

5. Education and Community Engagement: Siemens is committed to preparing the next generation for the future. They actively train young people and kids, aiming to nurture potential future employees who are well-versed in sustainable development principles. These principles include achieving carbon neutrality, leveraging renewable energy, recycling water, using recycled water as an energy source and implementing sustainable automation practices. Siemensstadt is considering integrating a university into Siemensstadt further to enhance its role as an educational and innovation centre.

6. Living Lab and Community Inclusion: The project actively involves the local community, ensuring that neighbourhoods play an active role in building Siemensstadt Square. Siemensstadt functions as a living laboratory where innovative solutions are tested and refined, fostering an inclusive environment that benefits both the project and its neighbours.

7. Future Plans: This would support the development of smart city mobility solutions and contribute to a holistic, future-oriented urban district.

About Siemensstadt Square:

Siemensstadt Square is a pioneering urban development project in Berlin, aiming to host 35,000 residents by 2035. It combines digital and physical elements to create a sustainable, inclusive living environment. The project employs a digital twin for comprehensive planning and operations, ensuring carbon neutrality and energy efficiency through innovative urban design.

The district features green spaces, renewable energy solutions and intelligent mobility systems, reflecting Siemens’ long-standing tradition of integrating living and working environments. This approach dates back to the original Siemensstadt development over a century ago and Siemensstadt Square continues this legacy by creating a vibrant community that embodies the future of urban living and work.

The BSBI visit provided students and faculty with valuable insights into the future of urban development and technological innovation, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary research and collaboration in shaping the cities of tomorrow.

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