Professor Kyriakos Kouveliotis

Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis: Transforming Global Education Through Innovation

In an era where technology and education are rapidly merging, pioneers like Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis, the Provost & Chief Academic Officer at Berlin School of Business and Innovation, are making waves. Recognised with the Outstanding Leadership Award at the Spring Edition of the Education 2.0 Conference in Dubai, Dr. Kouveliotis is shaping the future of education on a global scale.

Education 2.0 Conference

The Role of Technology in Modern Education

During a recent virtual interview at the conference, Prof. Kouveliotis highlighted the remarkable transition the educational sector has undergone, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. Traditional modes of learning are evolving into blended and hybrid formats. The pandemic accelerated this shift, bringing to the forefront the potential of online studies. As he fittingly remarked, “Education now moves to re-educating people, retraining them and introducing them to new skills.”

He also touched upon the importance of continuous learning in the modern world, emphasising that “lifelong learning never stops.” In this ever-evolving landscape, technology plays a pivotal role. With advancements in artificial intelligence, the way education is delivered is poised for a dramatic transformation in the coming years.

Innovations in Teaching: Robots and Virtual Tutors

One of the most notable innovations discussed during the interview was the incorporation of anthropoid robots and virtual tutors in education. These aren’t mere concepts for the distant future but are being realised now. Dr. Kouveliotis proudly shared that they have developed a robot lecturer capable of co-teaching with human professors. Imagine a lecture on Strategic Management being taught collaboratively by a human professor and a robot! These breakthroughs exemplify the boundless possibilities technology offers in reshaping education.

Recognition and Vision for the Future

On being asked about his feelings regarding the recognition he has received for his accomplishments, Dr. Kouveliotis expressed immense joy. He has previously been honoured with similar awards, making this a testament to his ongoing efforts to transform global education. One of his most ambitious projects involves the use of artificial intelligence to design virtual educators. Furthermore, he envisions an international degree structured similarly to building “Lego bricks.” Each ‘brick’ represents different modules or segments of learning that can be assembled over a period, emphasising the modular and customisable nature of future education.

Education 2.0 Conference

Connecting and Collaborating

Prof. Kouveliotis is not just a visionary but is also actively working towards materialising his ideas. He has established a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands focused on introducing a global degree. Through this initiative, which even garnered recognition from the United Nations, he invites educators, innovators, and students to connect and build a worldwide network. For those interested in learning more about Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis and his transformative work, he encourages reaching out via his LinkedIn profile or the Berlin School of Business and Innovation’s official website.

“Lifelong learning never stops, so education now moves to re-educating people, retraining them, and introducing them to new skills. With the blend of technology together with artificial intelligence, the landscape is set to change dramatically in the coming years.” – Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis The world of education is continuously evolving, and with leaders like Dr. Kouveliotis at the helm, the future looks promisingly innovative.

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