BSBI students attend ‘German Business Culture Career Workshop’

On Thursday 6 December Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted its first ‘German Business Culture Career Workshop’ in the Postdamer Strasse campus. The event was arranged as part of the activities organised to welcome the new intake of students, who joined the school in October this year.

Special guest for the event was Mr Mo Moubarak, Head of Business Development at Moberries, a leading online platform dedicated to job search and recruitment. Mr Moubarak shared interesting facts about Germany and valuable insights on its cultural landscape and job market.

His contribution focussed on tips and information on how to start a business in Germany, which he drew from his own personal and professional background. Further guidance was provided by Mr Sagi Hartov, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of BSBI, who also provided students with advice based on his real-life experience.

Group of students participated in German Business Culture Career workshop at BSBI.

The event was organised as part of an ongoing collaboration between BSBI and Moberries, to support students in their job search as well as creating networking opportunities. Over the past months BSBI has developed numerous partnerships with a variety of companies and businesses.

Dr Simone Eisenhauer, Student Services Manager at BSBI, said: “These collaborations are an important part of what BSBI has to offer. Working with leading companies we can organise events like the ‘Career Workshop’, as well as giving students access to services and professional opportunities for the future.”

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