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BSBI representatives host a successful event in India

Events ᛫ 18 October 2021

On Sunday 9 October 2021, Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted a successful event for prospective students in Chandigarh, Punjab.

BSBI Announces the winner of its third Start-up Competition

Events ᛫ 6 September 2021

On 6 September, BSBI announced Brian Afrifa as the winner of its third start-up competition with her business plan.

BSBI launches first vodcast

Events ᛫ 1 September 2021

Berlin School of Business and Innovation launches its first vodcast. Podcast in video form is called a vodcast or video podcast. It is hosted by BSBI’s student council and guest speakers for this talk show will be current or former BSBI students.

BSBI sponsoring Back to School Africa campaign

Events ᛫ 6 August 2021

Berlin School of Business and Innovation is committed to creating equal opportunities and providing support to advance causes affecting the youth and their access to resources and education.

BSBI Hosts Graduation Ceremony 2021

Events ᛫ 26 July 2021

On 26 July 2021, BSBI hosted their first graduation ceremony with over 400 students being added to the school’s growing alumni network. The event took place in a venue based in Berlin and students enjoyed their special day.

BSBI Welcomes Berlin Bear on campus

Events ᛫ 14 June 2021

BSBI recently had a bespoke 8ft statue bear delivered to campus which has brought a breath of fresh air to all at BSBI. The bear has been named BESBI and it represents the fun spirit at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation

BSBI launches Unibuddy platform

Events ᛫ 14 June 2021

BSBI is excited to announce the launch of Unibuddy, available for prospective students to talk with current staff and students. Unibuddy is a peer-to-peer engagement app that allows prospective students to search staff and current student profiles and  ask any questions they might have.

BSBI Student Council hosts summer picnic 2021

Events ᛫ 14 June 2021

On Saturday 26 June, BSBI Student Council hosted an outdoor summer picnic and over 100 guests attended. It started with a warm welcome and introductions and later was taken over by games and music. We would like to thank each one of you who came and made it a success.

BSBI Hosted fifth Cafe Scientifique Event

Events ᛫ 10 June 2021

BSBI hosted the 5th Cafe Scientifique event at 2pm on Friday 04th June 2021. The topic for the online event was AI in Business. BSBI had 3 external and 3 internal guest speakers to share their insights on this topic.