BSBI FCI Creative Innovation Summit | Winners of Business Start-up Competition

BSBI’s Faculty of Creative Industries, Hamburg recently launched a series of events called the ‘Creative Innovation Summit’.

One of these events was the Business Start-up Competition. The electrifying competition provided a platform for students to unleash their creativity, pitch their business concepts, and compete against fellow budding entrepreneurs. The competition attracted an impressive amount of interest from students, eager to share their ideas and bring their conceptual ideas to reality.

On the 30th of May, BSBI’s Faculty of Creative Industries hosted a show to decide the winners of the Business Start-up Competition. This gave students the chance to share their ideas and pitch their business plans as the most promising concepts. Four groups of students participated in the competition, and each group offered varying creative and well-thought-out business ideas.

The students presented their business plans and touched on several important aspects of business planning, including Belbin Roles, project concepts, mood boards, the Marketing Mix, USPs and balance sheets. They were judged on how well these components were incorporated into their ideas, focusing on judging the strength of their project concepts. The students were lucky enough to gain valuable feedback from industry experts, Liz Fernando, Monika Klein and more.

Although each group displayed a high caliber of talent, the winning group was Group 3, who coined the idea of the Creative Corner, a self-publishing initiative for illustrators. The group consisted of students Nora, Jade, Anderson, Mary and Vasilina. Eight judges awarded them 28.5 points out of 40 possible points. They won a day out in collaboration with the BSBI Careers Service Team and also had lunch hosted by BSBI.

The competition was based on the IC Amsterdam Short Courses: How to Write a Business Plan for Creative Industries. All four groups that participated in the competition have been enrolled in the Hamburg programmes at IC Amsterdam.

Congratulations to all who participated! BSBI looks forward to hosting similar events to get students’ creativity flowing in the future.

The other student groups and business ideas are as follows:

Group 1Business Idea: Custom Baths & Co Hamburg

Team SofiyaIvanAnnaDayana

Group 2Business Idea: NFT Art GalleryWENGA Berlin


Group 4Business Idea: Artware Branding with Awareness


Winners of Business Start-up Competiton

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