Cafe Scientifique and Cafe Artistique 2023: A Year in Review

Café Scientifique, one of BSBI’s most successful academic events, commenced in early 2021 amid the challenges of the Covid pandemic. Over the past three years, 17 sessions have been organised, covering a diverse range of topics.

In 2023, Café Scientifique experienced unprecedented success, with over 2000 online viewers and active participation from hundreds of on-campus students. The four sessions conducted during the year covered topics such as “IT Job Market Trends in 2023,” “Performance Marketing – Lessons from the Airline Industry,” “The Future of Food: Alternative Proteins as a Multi-Problem Solution and a Unique Opportunity,” and “What you need to know about B2B marketing.” Each session witnessed significant growth in both on-campus and online attendance, indicating the widespread appreciation for these sessions.

The success of these sessions can be attributed to the unique opportunity they provide for students to engage with industry professionals, applying classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. The interaction with entrepreneurs allows students to build connections and networks, offering valuable insights and experiences that will benefit them in their future careers.

Asta Tall, an MSc Digital Marketing student, highlighted the value of Café Scientifique, emphasising the opportunity for meaningful interaction with guest speakers and recommending the sessions to anyone interested in marketing and business.

Ather Jan, another MSc Digital Marketing student, expressed gratitude for the exceptional job done by the speakers in breaking down complex concepts and providing practical insights. He looks forward to attending future events and continuing to learn from the expertise shared.

Reflecting on the year, Flavio Andrew do Nascimento Santos, Café Scientifique Coordinator and Lecturer said “I am very grateful to all the groups who contributed to the development of Café Scientifique during the last year, especially the students who continuously engage with the project. I extend my heartiest thanks to everyone and look forward to another successful year ahead! See you soon in the next Café Scientifique session.”

Café Artistique, another successful BSBI event, organised eight sessions over the last three years, inviting guests from the creative arts industry. This year, three Café Artistique sessions covered topics such as “Tales to Inspire: A Celebration of Creative Narration and Storytelling,” “Start-Up Culture in the Creative Industries,” and “Female Business Model.” All sessions received appreciation, prompting BSBI to schedule more sessions on unique and important topics.

Summing up the year, Dr. Monika Klein, Dean of Faculty of Creative Industries, Lecturer said “Cafe Artistique is a place for meeting and discussing with artists. It’s wonderful to see the world through their eyes. Thanks to this initiative, we’re broadening our students’ perspectives. Grateful to the whole team involved, and we look forward to continuing these valuable meetings.”

Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis FRSA, Provost & Chief Academic Officer said “Continuing these two great initiatives for one more year has been a fascinating experience. We had the chance to invite some very important guests for nearly all domains, and our students had a great and fruitful participation. Looking forward to embarking on more sessions in 2024.”

As both Café sessions conclude on a positive note for the year, BSBI aims to organise more interactive and insightful sessions for students, providing them with opportunities to gain real-world business experience.

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