BSBI Welcomes Berlin Bear on campus

Berlin School of Business and Innovation continues to focus on student engagement and satisfaction, and a pivotal part of this is the campus environment and experience.

BSBI recently had a bespoke 8ft statue bear delivered to campus which has brought a breath of fresh air to all at BSBI. Students and staff have all enjoyed having photos taken, (whilst masked) with the bespoke metallic painted and high-quality finished bear. 

The bear has been named BESBI and it represents the fun spirit at the Berlin School of Business and Innovation. Did you know the bear has been a symbol of Berlin for hundreds of years? Throughout the city, you’ll see a number of bear statues, which is now becoming a popular and fun tourist sight for both locals and internationals.


Ahmed and Maryam welcoming BESBI in team!

Ahmed and Maryam welcoming BESBI in team!

BESBI is located on 3rd floor Student Lounge of BSBI Campus!

”Welcome to BSBI – Our very own BESBI”


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