BSBI students take field trip to famous beer factory

On Tuesday 17 July, students currently enrolled in the Global MBA at Berlin School of Business and Innovation visited the “Berliner Kindl” brewery in the German capital.

The historic brewery was founded in 1872 in the village of Rixdorf, just outside Berlin, and started to produce its first beer in 1890. A few years later the business expanded with the acquisition of another brewery, taking advantage of their experience to widen the range of products.

During their visit, the Global MBA students had the opportunity to follow the production process from beer making to packing, including how bottles are recycled and reused.

The field trip was organised by BSBI as part of an assignment connected to three modules of the first semester, focusing on supply chain management, marketing and innovation.

Group of BSBI students sitting in-front of a famous beer factoryBSBI students enjoyed the visit to “Berlin Kindl” factory, and were glad to be able to get to know a business that has been able to grow and expand throughout almost two centuries, innovating its products and marketing strategies. 

Most importantly, they found it extremely helpful for its direct connection with their studies, which will make their assignment easier.

Studying at BSBI means that students receive full academic support, including free German courses and a vast range of services. Visits and meetings with international companies and entrepreneurs are part of the teaching methods offered by BSBI, designed to help students gaining a practical understanding of how the concepts they learn in the classroom apply to real businesses.

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