BSBI publishes first issue of Scientific Journal of Human & Machine Learning

On Monday 31 October, Berlin School of Business and Innovation announced the launch of the first issue of the newest addition to its academic publications.

Similar to the previous scientific journals, the Scientific Journal of Human & Machine Learning (HML) aims to publish original research, scientific papers and review articles of researchers, academics and students across the globe.

The journal mainly covers articles and papers from data science, information technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, business science, business intelligence/analytics, information management, innovation management and knowledge management.

Dr Farshad Badie, Associate Editor, said: “Focusing on the cognitive phenomena of ‘human learning’ and ‘machine learning’, this journal attempts to make strong junctions between human beings’ minds and machines’ knowledge bases in different scientific and philosophical contexts. We are celebrating the publication of the first issue of the Scientific Journal of Human & Machine Learning.”

Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost & Chief Academic Officer and Editor, said: “The journal comes to complement our newly established Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics and to give to our lecturers and students the opportunity to publish their work.

“In addition, it serves as an instrument to provide to our community an insight on topics that are currently in the spotlight such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, automation and fintech.”

As part of the growing ambition to establish BSBI as a respected institution that contributes to research, the scientific journals have a global orientation and are structured in line with international standards, contributing to the progress of research and science.

You can access the first issue of the Scientific Journal of Human & Machine Learning here.

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