BSBI organises Multicultural Day event for students and staff

On Tuesday 7 June, Berlin School of Business and Innovation held an event at the Berlin campus for students and staff to celebrate Multicultural Day.

The event was organised by the Student Council and Student Services team to celebrate the diversity of BSBI students and staff. Students came to the event to share their culture by wearing traditional outfits.

Some of the students opened food stalls selling traditional food and held performances such as traditional dances. One of the food stalls even arranged an eating competition, in which many students participated with excitement and celebrated the various cultures together. The other stalls included mocktail fruit jars, pastries and tarot card reading.

The event also included a runway walk and various indoor fun games and activities which students enjoyed participating in.

Chethan Somashekhar, Student Council President of Postgraduate Course Students, said: “Multicultural day was a great experience for students to experience different cultures in the same place. The students brought different kinds of foods, it was very good. I will be waiting to attend some more events like this.”

Lalit Verma, Student Council President of Undergraduate Course Students, said: “It was nice to see diversity among the students. BSBI is known for its international students, everyone got a chance to learn about different cultures and the best part was the traditional food. This event was amazing.”

BSBI is looking forward to organising many more such events for its students and staff members.

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