BSBI organises Innovative Leadership Learning with Intuitive Archery Workshop for its students

On Monday 9th January, BSBI organised Innovative Leadership Learning with Intuitive Archery Workshop for its students. The workshop was organised in partnership with the Archery academy (Bogenakademie), Berlin. The workshop consists of a series of leadership lectures in connections with the acclaimed systemic archery method.

The workshop was hosted in the second-floor student lounge of the old BSBI campus (Potsdamerstr. 182, Berlin). To accommodate and provide leadership lectures to more students, the workshop was divided into three cohorts and each cohort was 2 hours each.

The entire workshop is split into three modules and after the successful participation and completion of three modules, students will be awarded with the participation certificate. Module one is called “leadership and me”, which is about learning initiation and self-leadership. Module two is called “leadership and team”, which is about leading and following. Module three is called “leadership and VUCA”, which is about mindfulness and resilience during which the students will learn how to navigate through this volatile world and become leaders.

During the first workshop session, more than 30 students participated across three cohorts and learned more about themselves and leadership skills. During the workshop, students also learned how to handle bow and arrow, how to feel connected with the bow, taking the right stance, taking the aim and hitting the aim.

After the workshop, Annette Birkholz, Founder of the Archery academy said “with the support of BSBI, we are facilitating personal learning, reflections on leadership issues that really matter and change processes with two simple tools – bow and arrow. The main idea is that an archer has all the skills that a business leader might need.”

The second and third workshops are scheduled on 6th February and 3rd March of 2023 respectively. BSBI is looking forward to organising many more of such workshops and events for the students.

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