BSBI moves all classes online

As a result of new measures brought in by the German government to prevent the spread of the new novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) has moved all ongoing programmes online.

Following announcements of travel bans, curfews and limitations on public movement, BSBI was quick to respond and began introducing measures to ensure students could continue their learning, despite not being able to access the Berlin campus.

Since 12 March, tutors have been delivering lectures via an online platform: Zoom. The application allows students to watch live lectures from their homes meaning they can adhere to social distancing rules and still gain an education. Students are also able to use the platform to discuss lectures with their peers whilst streaming is ongoing allowing them to stay connected.

Since moving its classes online, BSBI has had positive feedback from students who have stated the new method of delivery has allowed them to stay safe and not worry about missing out on their classes.

 You can hear more from our students across our social media platforms:

· Twitter: @berlinsbi

· Instagram: @berlinsbi

· LinkedIn: Berlin School of Business and Innovation

· Facebook: Berlin School of Business and Innovation

BSBI will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and implement measures accordingly.

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