BSBI launches Social Wellbeing Platform for students at Paris campus

On Thursday 14 July, Berlin School of Business and Innovation held the first event for the new Social Wellbeing Platform launched by Kevin Ogbodu, Global MBA student.

The first event, which explored emotional geography, was attended by 13 BSBI students who were introduced to what the platform aims to provide students and the local community in Paris.

The platform gives students the opportunity to meet and spend quality time with likeminded people and provides a space to share thoughts and celebrate traditions. The monthly event also allows students to engage in voluntary services and join community events to spread positive wellbeing in society.

Kevin Ogbodu, who led the first event, said: “The dream of having a social wellbeing platform came as a result of my social wellbeing and emotional feeling as a child and as an adult.

“As a child, I grew up without knowing who my mother was and without that motherly care and love. The only way of having this motherly love and care was to be in a circle of good-minded, lovely people.

“A lot of people are going through depression, especially after the general lockdown. Many are cast down, so we all need each other, students, teachers etc. With this, we will be able to develop and maintain positive interaction and social wellbeing in the local community here in Paris.”

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