BSBI kicks-off first Café Scientifique event for 2023

On Friday 24 February, Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted the Café Scientifique 14.0 on the topic ‘IT Job Market Trends to Watch Out For in 2023’. Guests included Jana Bulkin, CEO at S2BConnected and Chief Operating Officer at IntegrationWorks Asia Co and Asit Dutta, Head of Talent Acquisition and Key Account Manager at IntegrationWorks GmbH.

The session was hosted by Flavio Andrew Santos, Lecturer and Café Scientifique Coordinator, and Swati Jeevan, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The discussion during the session allowed participants to learn more about the current hiring trends in the IT industry and the recent innovations and its impact on the future of work and life.

Jana Bulkin shares that: “There are many job opportunities and I foresee that the trend leans more towards hiring global and acting local. Ecosystems need to be more flexible and the hiring strategy more adaptable. AI allows us to think beyond the limits. The human minds can then be maximised for other things.”

According to Asit Dutta: “Specialisation is very important. What qualifies you to do the job. Have strong ‘basics’ and be adaptive because the market changes all the time.”

The IT industry continues to expand as more solutions for cloud computing, information security, and big data are being required. BSBI students benefit from each Café Scientifique event discussions as they can interact with industry leaders, share their opinions, manage their own biases and gain clarity on how global businesses operate.

The recording is available via BSBI’ YouTube channel  here.

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