BSBI hosts latest Café Scientifique with

On Thursday 3 November, Berlin School of Business and Innovation hosted the Café Scientifique 12.0 on Information Systems and the Future of Travel with Josip Čović, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist at

The session was hosted by Flavio Andrew Santos, Lecturer and Café Scientifique coordinator at BSBI. The discussion during the session allowed participants to reflect on the way we travel and how Geographic Information Systems are helping us to improve our experiences.

Josip said: “It is even hard to realise the bad sides of using GIS for tourists, but it reminds us that technology dependence could be one of the bad sides. In the future, GIS can help us be more aware of our surroundings with a clear connection with improving our experiences on tourism.”

Information systems, data and technology have redefined the way we travel and how the tourism industry engages with its customers. BSBI students benefit from each Café Scientifique event discussions as they can interact with industry leaders, share their opinions, manage their own biases and gain clarity on how global businesses operate. 

The recording is available via our BSBI YouTube channel here.

Watch the recording

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