BSBI hosts indoor games for students in Berlin

The BSBI students came together for two game days filled with laughter, friendly competition, and a whole lot of fun. The events, organised by the Student Services team and Student Council, featured some board games, table tennis, and card games that catered to everyone’s interests. The Alte Post campus cafeteria was transformed into a vibrant hub of activity as students eagerly gathered around tables, engaging in intense battles of strategy and wit.

In the spirit of forging new friendships and strengthening bonds, BSBI promotes activities of shared interests and spirited competitions. The events not only provided a break from the students’ academic requirements but also encouraged healthy competition, critical thinking, and social interaction among the students.

Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence makes Champions! Indoor games are excellent pastimes for students. Even when they are injured or not feeling well, many types of games can be played without active physical movement, and this helps them to engage in an activity as well as improve their creativity and memory. BSBI creates this kind of environment for students that encourage us consistently to meet like-minded people and also have a good time,” Adarsh Agarwal, Student Council President, Postgraduate programmes. 

These events truly showcased the vibrant spirit and camaraderie of the student community, leaving everyone eagerly looking forward to the next game day when they could once again come together to celebrate the joy of play.

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