BSBI Hosted Second Café Scientifique Event

On Wednesday 10 February 2021, BSBI hosted its second Café Scientifique event on the topic of ‘Rebooting the Economy after COVID-19’. This was a major event for BSBI as it was the first time so many prestigious speakers from so many internationally known companies and sectors had spoken at the school.

The panellists for the event were Anastasia Kiritsi, Lecturer and Cafe Scientifique Coordinator, Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Chief Academic Officer and Provost, Sagi Hartov, Executive Chairman and Co-founder and Ankita Jain, Student Services and Marketing Officer.

Students heard from professionals including:

  • Rashid Al Mansoori, CEO of the Qatar Stock Exchange Market.
  • Frank Hoerl, Regional Director and Managing Director of HIB Alexanderplatz Hotel Operations GmbH.
  • Anna Schnekker, Project Manager at Investment Bank Berlin.
  • Bulut Bagci, President of World Tourism Forums and Peter Alatsas, Hospitality Expert and Advisor and Ex CEO of major hotel chains in Asia and the Middle East.


If you’d like to watch the event in full, please click  here.

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