BSBI holds hackathon event at Berlin and Hamburg campuses

On Friday 22 March, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation organised a special event titled ‘Hackathon to Decode Peace’ at both the Berlin and Hamburg campuses.

This hackathon was part of Agents for Peace, an academic initiative that encompasses a series of events aiming to provide tools, ideas and frameworks to actively foster lasting peace within the diverse international community of BSBI students.

The aim of the hackathon was to empower students to become ambassadors and active agents of peace by encouraging them to think creatively and develop ideas for lasting peace. Dr Gemma Vallet, BSBI Lecturer, led the event with the support of Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at BSBI, along with other BSBI staff.

Simultaneously, several events took place at the BSBI Berlin Campus during the hackathon including Mural for Peace and Work in Progress Timeline for Peace. During the hackathon, over 20 classes and around 80 groups worked on ideas to create lasting peace, resulting in the delivery of more than 300 ideas in just one hour.

Agents for Peace will continue to facilitate events on the BSBI campus throughout 2024 to discuss topics of significance.

Dr. Gemma Vallet said: “BSBI students have demonstrated a willingness to actively engage in work towards lasting peace. With over 30 nationalities represented on campus, we understand the challenges of living and collaborating with diverse personalities, cultures, and ideologies.

“Every day, we learn how to respect each other’s viewpoints and build lasting bridges. This is why our first hackathon for peace was so successful. We will launch more initiatives for lasting peace in the days to come. I truly believe that all of us at BSBI are destined to be ambassadors and agents for lasting peace.”

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