BSBI health management students participate in simulation exercise

On Friday 22 November, BSBI students from the Master in International Health Management course were involved in a simulation exercise, led by Professor Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Programmes and Partnership Director.

The students, representing the first ever intake for the programme, faced an exercise focused around a new international hospital to be developed and managed in Damascus, Syria. The scenario indicated that the facilities would be founded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and divided the students into two teams.

The “Red Team” was composed of health management executives, responsible for developing and operating the hospital. The “Blue Team” impersonated World Health Organization (WHO) officials, tasked with inspecting the process of the hospital development, funding and operations.

As part of the simulation exercise, the Blue Team had to prepare questions about the hospital, looking at key elements such as personnel, budget, timings and overall organisation. The Red Team was invited to assess the situation and provide detailed answers that would satisfy WHO enquiries.

All students were thrilled to take part in such an engaging activity and by the chance to put their knowledge to practical use.

Thank you to all who participated in creating this learning opportunity!

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