BSBI builds its repository of Academic Publications, Research and Scientific Impact

The Scientific Journal of Business and Innovation

The BSBI Faculty and Research team has been actively producing academic papers and articles through the Scientific Journals, the Café Chronicle, the BSBI Gazette and other external publications. BSBI will also launch the first of its BSBI Book Series before the year ends, capping an already successful year of research.

The BSBI Gazette is a weekly digital publication which started in May and has now produced 20 issues. The Gazette is a collective product of the academic department, who contributes articles from their extensive fields of specialisation. This publication is an active approach of BSBI’s F&R for students to understand the fundamentals of business, science, arts, management and many other different disciplines from an external context as each section focuses on current industry trends.

The Scientific Journal of Business and Innovation has also recently published Volume 2 Issue 1. The journal includes ten research papers that cover themes such as organisational resilience, e-learning, human resources and recruitment, tourism and hospitality and many more. The Scientific Journal of Human and Machine Learning is also due to be published digitally this October.

Currently underway is the BSBI Book Series, The Meta-Globalisation Era: Challenges and Perspectives, which will feature nine chapters that will tackle topics around Meta-Globalisation and its impact on digital transformation, cross-cultural communication, human resource management, tourism and many more.

The global orientation of these publications complements the team’s academic work and further establishes BSBI as an active contributor to research and science.

Professor Dr Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, reiterates the importance of these publications mentioning, “What BSBI has achieved the last two years in academic achievements and initiatives is astonishing! Bot one but 3 Scientific Journals, 20 Issues of the BSBI Gazette, a new Book, a post-Doctoral Research Centre and so much more. We are all so proud and we continue to grow even more day by day.

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